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Covid, how to book the vaccine

We start slowly with phase 2 – o the last part of phase 1, if we want – of the vaccination campaign. The one that will have to cover almost 4.5 million elderly people, the over eighty, the most fragile and with the highest death rate from Covid-19, as well as 7.4% of the population. We will proceed in no particular order, according to Title V of the Constitution which allows each region to go for itself on many issues, such as health, However, this does not guarantee uniformity of times and performance. On the other hand, even the ministry’s vaccination plan does not provide for any effective coordination between the regions. The result is that the elderly from Lazio will begin to receive the first doses from 8 February, as well as in Puglia, perhaps in Campania or in the province of Trento, in Bolzano they started earlier (also due to the low adhesion of health workers, under 60% of the total) e those from Lombardy not before the end of February. In some cases, however, the darkness.

This phase of the campaign, dedicated to the elderly, is in fact the first opening to the general population after administration to easily accessible and identifiable categories (hospitals or assisted residences). For this reason, the entire management, from the booking proposed by each region in a different way to the daily walking pace linked to the double thread, to the doses delivered by the pharmaceutical companies, will constitute a good test on the subsequent phases which instead should open first to the priority bands (forces of the order, teachers and so on) and then to the rest of the population in ever greater administration points, well above the 293 involved at this time. For example in the famous primrose pavilions whose races are taking place in these days.

Among other things, with regard to the vaccination campaign, there is the course correction by AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency, with respect to the vaccine AstraZeneca just approved and whose first loads are expected in the middle of the month. The vaccine is now being suggested even to those over 55 years of age and who have no risk factors that make them fragile with respect to the syndrome induced by Sars-CoV-2. As we had predicted in recent weeks, therefore, the fact that the elderly are in any case indicated to prefer the serums of Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna will in fact give rise to a vaccination campaign on a double track: on the one hand the vaccine of more complex administration, reserved for over 80s, the other for those who carry out sensitive activities or on the front line, regardless of age, always provided that they have no previous pathologies (in that case it will presumably be preferred one of the two based on mRna) and then for all the others, to go down. The bitterness of this system is that while the first two vaccines serve a complex logistics linked to the cold chain, and would have been more suitable to be administered to a population able to move more easily and perhaps even to reach distant hubs from home, such as hospitals (i.e. to younger groups), the second (AstraZeneca) is kept instead as a normal flu vaccine, it would be ideal to be administered through general practitioners who are the simplest proximity references to be reached by the elderly population. To whom it is better not to administer them.

Let’s see in detail how can you book and how vaccinations can be accessed.

In Lazio A portal has been set up, reservavaccinocovid.regione.lazio.it, through which to book first and second doses using the tax code. On the inaugural day of February 1st there were many problems but according to the region, 100 thousand people booked in the first 24 hours out of the over 400 thousand over 80s who live in the capital region. First injections Monday 8 February, as in Puglia, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta and Friuli Venezia-Giulia (the 9th). In autonomous province of Trentolikewise, there is a portal where those born before January 31, 1941 can book one of the 2,500 places available for the week.

In Campania the site where you can book has been active for a few days, and over 20 thousand bookings have already been collected (in this case you need a tax code and health card, then an e-mail address and telephone number) and the administrations will start between 10 and 15 February. On February 15 also in Liguria. The Veneto instead it will start next week while in Lombardy the older adults were placed in phase 2 and then we will leave no earlier than the end of February, explained the new Welfare Councilor Letizia Moratti, correcting the first news that indicated at the end of March. In Piedmont, Sicily and Tuscany it is not yet known when it will begin – in the latter case probably from mid-February – while in Emilia Romagna we will move in the next few days, where the 300,000 elderly should receive a letter with instructions on how to book. No news from Sardinia, Calabria, Marche, Molise and Basilicata. In Abruzzo reservations open for days, over 85 thousand citizens have already booked, but the starting date of vaccinations is unknown.

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