Covid, Italy alert: no derogation for the ATP Finals (and ticket chaos breaks out)

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A mail a few hours after the event, with an invitation to check if your place still existed. Thus, many people who were planning to attend live at ATP Finals of Turin, they discovered that their ticket – in fact – it’s no longer worth anything. Or rather, it will be refunded starting from the beginning of December, of course, but it does not entitle you to enter the Pala Alpitour for the prestigious tennis tournament (from 14 to 21 November).

Well yes, the Technical-scientific committee has decided not to concede special exemptions for the expected manifestation, thus maintaining the capacity of the building to 60% (as per the guidelines for indoor sporting events), without bringing it to 75% (the outdoor one): it is a turn around, as it was leaked last week optimism, in consideration of the usual behavior of the racket audience.

“It’s really amazing that the CTS has disconosciuto the similarity between the behaviors of the tennis audience and those of cinemas and theaters, allowing the latter to continue to fill their respective rooms at the 100%Is the somewhat controversial note of the Federation, which obviously apologizes to all fans cut off from the stands. Which are over 1200 for each session, for a total of about 15 thousand excluded.

“As a man of the institutions,” added the president Angelo Biraghi, “I understand each and every form of prudence in relation to the resurgence of infections “. Yes, because although it is not clear the exclusion criterion from the Pala Alpitour (in the email we talk about chronological order in the purchase), the certain thing is that in Italy is rapidly returning the Covid alert and the government is discussing possible new ones restrictive measures.

There is total agreement on immediately bringing the regions back in yellow band if the three indicators exceed the critical threshold and set up specifications red areas to isolate any outbreaks. But the epidemiological curve is so frightening Palazzo Chigi which is even thought of a close on green pass: if the situation worsens, the idea of ​​the scientists is to stop granting the green certification with quick swabs.

An idea that would overturn the current system. And that – even in that case – would certainly raise several controversy.


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