Trump Fails to Sign Covid Relief Bill-Millions To Suffer

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American President Donald trump has failed to sign the Covid relief bill into law. Millions are expected to suffer if the President delays the signing of the bill any further.

The Covid Relief Bill

After 8 months of continuous debate, the American Congress passed an emergency Covid relief bill to help those struggling financially due to the pandemic.

The bill, worth $900 billion aims to provide a one time payment of $600 to those struggling financially in this difficult time. The aim of the bill is to help small businesses as well as individuals survive.

President Trump’s Opposition

In a move that came as a shock to many, President Donald Trump has opposed the bill. He criticized the bill and stated that he wanted the pay out for individuals to increase.

The soon to be ex-President is adamant that the pay out be increased to $2,000 instead of the amount stated in the bill, i.e. $600 since the amount is, according to him, ‘ridiculously low’. That’s not all, the President also slid in a jibe at China for ‘starting the virus’.

Devastating Consequences

While many economists agree that the $600 sum isn’t much, they also state that getting funds out to people and small businesses immediately is necessary.

New President-elect Joe Biden has also warned people of devastating consequences if the signing of the bill is delayed further. He opined that the refusal of Trump to sign the covid relief bill is synonymous to him failing to fulfill his duties as the US President.

The unemployment insurance of an estimated 14 million people in USA expired yesterday, meaning that as a result of this delay in signing, the average American is now worried about making ends meet.

That is not all, small businesses that are already struggling may close down completely if financial aid is delayed any further.

After refusing to sign the bill, Trump was seen leaving for his resort in Florida, to relax.




Source BBC

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