Covid Remains Catastrophic on Continent – Nearly 29,000 Deaths in a Week

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H COVID-19 continues to cause a disastrous account in American continent, with Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Paraguay among the countries with the highest weekly death rates, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said today.

Cases have more than doubled in the United States in the past week, especially among those who have not been vaccinated, PAHO director Carissa Etienne said in a statement.

Cuba has higher rates of Covid infections and deaths than anywhere else in the pandemic, the official said, adding that more than 7,000 minors and nearly 400 pregnant women were tested positive last week.

In the last week, more than 1.26 million cases of COVID-19 were recorded and almost 29,000 deaths on the American continent.

Outbreaks have been reported in Argentine provinces bordering Bolivia and Chile and the Amazon region of Colombia.

“As Covid continues to circulate, too many areas have relaxed public health and social isolation measures that have been shown to be effective against the virus,” says Etienne.

So far, only 16.6% of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean has vaccinated completely against Covid-19, as countries in the region have not yet gained access to the vaccines they need to keep their populations safe, according to the official.

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