Covid, Sardinia and Sicily red in the EU maps. Contagions uphill

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It is a situation that worsens that of Italy. Sicily and Sardinia are back in red in the updated ECDC maps, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. It is not only Italy that sees its colors change. Cases of Covid are on the rise across Europe. According to this latest map, most of the peninsula is in yellow. Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont are green.

There are those who are worse off. Much of Greece and France are red.

Ireland and Portugal are too. Almost all of Spain is dark red, like much of Holland and Cyprus. Dark red indicates a situation with more than 500 per 100,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, red indicates cases between 200 and 500 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Remain in green, Germany, Austria, Poland and all Eastern European countries, such as Sweden, Finland and Norway.

According to the updated Italian vestments, all regions are in the white zone. This is only because the parameters have changed with the latest decree which takes greater account of the hospital situation. You go to the yellow band with employment in the medical area above 15% or employment in intensive care above 10%.

However, the situation is clearly worsening. There are more than 50 weekly cases of Covid per 100 thousand inhabitants nationwide. I am instead the places occupied in the medical area and in intensive care are below the emergency threshold. The Rt index is at 1.57, up from 1.26 last week. In total, the intensive employment rate is stable at 2% according to the weekly monitoring of the Ministry of Health-Iss.

There are regions that risk entering the yellow zone by the end of August or as early as the next two weeks. The most difficult situation is that of Sicily which has 80 cases per week with 8% for the occupation of places in the medical area and 4.7 in intensive care. In Sardinia the incidence is even higher: 136 cases, but better hospital employment. In Lazio there are 87.5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants with 4% hospitalizations in wards and 3.7% in intensive care. In Calabria, the incidence is low, but the occupancy of hospital posts is high.

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