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Covid, the new rules: 5 things not to forget

Farewell to the state of emergency. March 31 was the last day of more than two years of the emergency caused by the pandemic. Covid has not gone away, but the measures to contain the contagion change. The way is that of coexistence with the virus, possible thanks to vaccines, and is linked to the hope of being able to manage any new variants. The rules for the Green Pass and masks have therefore changed from 1 April. Green certification is less and less needed, from buses to hotels, just the basic one in restaurants. The masks indoors remain. Only those who are positive should remain in isolation. These are rules for a return to life as before, but with caution.


Until 30 April they are compulsory indoors in all rooms except in private homes. They are also used outdoors in case of gatherings. In discos they can be removed at the time of the dance. In some cases it is mandatory to have the Ffp2: means of transport, cinemas and theaters, indoor sporting events. In schools, the obligation has already been extended until the end of the school year. For the other indoor venues it will be decided close to the end of April.

Green Pass

Anything Green Pass in restaurants and open-air bars, hotels and accommodation facilities, all means of local public transport, shops and offices. Basic Green Pass for indoor restaurants and bars, airplanes, trains and ships. Necessary for outdoor shows and stadiums. Reinforced Green Pass for indoor sports shows and competitions. It is used for swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, wellness centers, discos, game rooms, conferences, parties.


Those who are positive must remain in isolation: 7 days for the vaccinated, 10 for those who are not. To exit you need a negative pad. Self-monitoring for all in case of contact with a positive case. Ffp2 mask obligation for 10 days: swab only in case of symptoms to be redone after 5 days.


In school isolation only for the positives that Dad can have. The others remain in the presence. Ffp2 obligation for 10 days if the positives are at least four. Professors who have not completed the vaccination return with a swab.


Return to work with negative swab for over 50s and categories with vaccination obligation (which remains until June 15), excluding health personnel. Green certification required for healthcare facilities until December 31st.

Source: Vanity Fair

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