Covid Unvaccinated Deaths Study, Elections 2022 and Over December 6

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Most deaths by Covid-19 in Brazil are from the unvaccinated group and Moro’s move to make a “third way” in 2022 are highlights of the 5 facts the afternoon of December 6th.

Fuel price

After President Jair Bolsonaro spoke to CNN about a reduction in fuel prices, Petrobras said in a note that it does not anticipate readjustment decisions and that there is no decision taken that has not yet been announced to the market.

Bolsonaro said the state-owned company would announce a decrease in fuel prices by the end of December, as the value of Brent oil has been falling on the foreign market. This is the second time that the state-owned company officially takes a stand after a speech by the president.

Interchangeability of vaccines

A study by American researchers indicates that giving Janssen’s vaccine as a booster dose to people initially immunized with Pfizer produces a strong immune response in the body.

The combination could provide even greater protection against severe forms of Covid-19. Despite being initial and not including the Ômicron variant, the study could be important to discover how to increase the immunity generated by the vaccines in the long term, according to the researcher ahead of the tests.

Deaths by Covid-19

Eight out of ten deaths from Covid-19 are unvaccinated in Brazil, according to data released by the University of São Paulo. Among the 306,000 people who died between the months analyzed by the survey, 32,000 had completed the vaccination course, 29,000 had received only the first dose and 243,000 had not received even one dose.

“Third copy”

Former judge and pre-candidate for President by Podemos, Sergio Moro, has been working to attract other center parties and make the so-called “third way” viable. The former judge had, for example, conversations with União Brasil, a party formed by the merger of the Social Liberal Party (PSL) with the Democrats (DEM), and discussed the possibility of an alliance that would also bring together Citizenship, the Democratic Movement Brasileiro (MDB) and the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB).

After meeting with the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), Moro is expected to meet with the governor of São Paulo and pre-candidate of the PSDB, João Doria.

Combate with Ômicron variant

This Monday (6) there is a new interministerial meeting to address the recommendations of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) on combating the Ômicron variant. The Agency suggested requiring tourists to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19 for entry into the country by land and air, but the Federal Government resists.

The decision will be up to the Civil House and the Ministries of Health, Justice, Public Security and Infrastructure.


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Reference: CNN Brasil

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