Crazy Pizza and Briatore’s Twiga arrive in Rome: “La Dolce Vita is back”

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Bringing Rome back to the glories of the Dolce Vita: it is not just the ambition of Flavio Briatore that in an interview with Republic has announced the arrival in the city of two of its best known formats. It is on the one hand of Crazy Pizza, a brand with which he has opened several pizzerias in places such as London, Monte Carlo and Porto Cervo; on the other hand there is perhaps the most famous summer club in Italy, the Twiga, which from May should find a place on the terrace of the Hotel Bernini.

The spaces – for rent – that will host Crazy Pizza are located in via Veneto, which for Briatore has always been the main street of the most beautiful city in Europe. But now it is no longer so according to him: he defines it as “dormant”. The alarm clock, however, seems to have been set by the entrepreneur, who promises a new one Sweet life and an important return for the social and working fabric of the city.

For youth employment, first of all: for the two projects they will be needed 120 children between 22 and 35 years old, for which Briatore imagines a salary that is around 2 thousand euros per month. A considerable amount for the world of restaurants and Roman nightlife, too often weighed down by phenomena such as illegal work and uninspiring salaries. In this, yes, Briatore’s project could represent a turning point.

Much more than a simple pizzeria

This is how Briatore defines Crazy Pizza whose opening this summer in Porto Cervo has given excellent results. The format is that of a place with the care of a high-level restaurant, both in the design of the spaces and in the service, one “Chic pizzeria”. Understandably, the prices are also not those of the typical pizzeria: an element that in recent years has attracted – perhaps senselessly – some criticism on Crazy Pizza. But international tourists, those to whom this project is aimed in the first place, do not turn up their noses excessively if they pay 14 euros for a daisy. Indeed, the range with large shopping opportunities in Sardinia can spend up to 80 for a gourmet pizza, as we told you in relation to the La Scogliera della Maddalena restaurant.

Of course, there are already several pizzerias with high standards in Italy: just think of names like Francesco Martucci or cases like the Archestrato di Gela in Palermo, which, not surprisingly, won the award for best dining room service in the 2021 edition. of the Gambero Rosso guide dedicated to pizzerias.

It is therefore necessary to understand what the quality of the product offered in the Roman restaurant will be: for now Briatore knows only that the pizza chefs will not necessarily be Neapolitan, because “it is not written anywhere that they must necessarily be Neapolitans”.

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