Creator of The Last of Us talks about the main difference between producing series and game

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Neil Druckmann, creator of the story of The Last of Us, spoke about the main difference between producing the game and the series. He directed the second episode of the HBO adaptation, which aired this Sunday (22), which he considered one of the “highlights” of his life.

“The big difference is that you have to plan everything in advance in a way that you don’t in the game,” said Druckmann on the series’ official podcast.

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“In the game, we do this performance capture [gravar os movimentos de atores através de trajes e câmeras especiais para reproduzir no computador], and once you have it in 3D, you can put the camera wherever you want, you can change the clothes, you can change the outfit, you can even change the character. You can’t do that on a TV show.”

“You can, to some extent, alter it with special effects, but most of the time, the footage you have will be pretty much the final frame. So there’s all this prep work you have to do in advance.”

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He highlighted that he needed to meet previously with directors from different areas — such as acting, special effects, scenery, among others — to carry out all the planning, until the moment “when you scream action, hold your breath and hope that everything works the way you imagined”.

Craig Mazin, showrunner of the series, joked that “the only practical little warning of direction I gave him was to wait a little longer before yelling ‘cut'”.

Still on the experience of directing the second episode, Druckmann pointed out that it was as if “they had made Disney just for him”.

Tess’s story

The producers also revealed that they wrote what would be the story of the character Tess before we met her in the game and in the series, but that it was never recorded.

“She had a husband and a son, and they got infected, and she had to kill them. She killed her husband but couldn’t bring herself to kill her son. She couldn’t do that, so she locked him in the basement, where, theoretically, he’s still a clicker,” says Craig Mazin.

The clicker is a human in an advanced stage of fungal infection. Cordyceps in fiction, being one of the focuses of the second chapter of the audiovisual production.

Druckmann points out, in turn, that they imagined how this would be filmed and that Tess would tell this story. However, it ended up not fitting in with the rest of the script.

THE CNN watched all the episodes. Find out more about the series and what we found in this article.

Listen to the second episode of The Last of Us podcast:

Source: CNN Brasil

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