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Criminals invade home and kill elderly man in southern SP

An 88-year-old man died after having his house invaded by thieves and being attacked by the gang in the early hours of Wednesday (15) in Jardim Botucatu, south of the capital of São Paulo.

According to the Military Police, police officers were called to the residence robbery at around 2:15 am. Around five criminals broke into the home of an elderly couple in search of valuables. According to the PM, the death was confirmed at the scene by the corporation's advanced rescue unit.

In a statement, the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat reported that agents found the victim tied up in the residence, already lifeless. The elderly man's wife would have witnessed the entire incident.

According to her, the five men were hooded. After the group invaded, the husband reportedly reacted to the assault, and that was when he was attacked. Due to his injuries, he did not survive and died at the scene.

The thieves fled the residence before police arrived. The case will be registered at the 26th Police District (Sacomã). So far, all five suspects are at large.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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