Cristiano Ronaldo, the king of Instagram (among sportsmen)


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253 million followers. Consider bringing together all the inhabitants of Italy, Germany, Spain and France. 253 million people in the sign of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is the Juventus champion who dominates the top 10 of the most followed sportsmen on Instagram.

Cristiano has now got us used to breaking all records and this ranking confirms his enormous popularity. From Europe to Asia, from America to Africa: no other sportsman in the world is followed like CR7. A year ago, these days, the Portuguese was stationed on 200 million followers.

In one year, the growth was sensational.

Cristiano likes him for what he does on the pitch – with Leo Messi he is the champion who marked these first twenty years of the millennium – and for how he presents himself off the pitch. Companion in love with Georgina and father of five children, with whom he spends most of his free time if he is not busy working, that is, training and selling his image around the world.

Cristiano’s is a business. Cristiano’s extra-football activity – from advertising to the desire to offer his followers moments of private life, group or individual training, moments of tenderness or leisure with children and friends – brings about 50 million dollars to Cristiano’s safe every year. If you add to these the 65 resulting from various salaries and bonuses, it is not surprising when Forbes calculates that CR7 is about to break down the billion-dollar career wall.

In second place in the Instagram ranking we find Leo Messi, the ace of Barcelona, ​​with 177 million followers. If the “Pulce” has a reserved and sober character, the colleague who is placed on the podium in third place – the Brazilian Neymar with 144 ml of followers – he is often noted for his follies, not least that of having organized a New Year’s party in the face of all the anti-Covid regulations and having then had the audacity to post selfies and videos of the circus in which he had taken part.

The real surprise, however, is in fourth place (89.2 ml), where we find a name unknown to most: Virat Kohli, cricket player, captain of the national team, where cricket is the national sport. Following LeBron James (fifth), star of the NBA, with 77.1 ml of followers and the eternal David Beckham (sixth with 65.2 ml of followers) who, despite having quit for almost a decade (in 2013 the last appearance with PSG, today is the owner of Club Internacional de Futbol of Miami) continues to be a recognized pop icon around the world.

The footballers, the most loved and followed stars dictate the law: here then Ronaldinho (seventh), also an ex, but able to catalyze 53.5 ml of followers on Instagram, the Colombian James Rodriguez (eighth with 46.6 ml of followers), star of Ancelotti’s Everton, the Brazilian full-back of Real Marcelo (ninth with 46.6 ml) and the inevitable Zlatan Ibrahimovic: the Milan champion of Serie A leaders gathers around him 46.1 ml of followers that hang on his lips, always waiting for epochal slogans like those that Ibra has been giving us for some time now.

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