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Cristiano updates his son’s condition after surgery: “He won another fight”

Countryman Cristiano, who is a duo with Zé Neto, used social media on Monday night (20) to celebrate the success of his five-month-old son Miguel’s heart surgery.

The baby was born with a rare condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital disease characterized by malformations in the heart muscle, aorta and pulmonary valve.

“Another fight, another stage of the miracle of your life completed. Yes, son, even though I’m not even 35 years old, I’ve faced as many struggles in life as you have! The pain of seeing you go through everything is immeasurable, but Jesus is in the boat, leading, we trust and surrender to you, and what we ask for we achieve”, wrote the singer.

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The countryman also highlighted the importance of faith at this difficult time in the family’s life.

“You won another fight, a war, but this battle was the most difficult and important and delicate, whoever was in front of you commanding this battle, is also called Michael, the Archangel of the Lord, who defended you in the fight, because behold the meaning of your name “Who is like God?”

Cristiano also thanked him for all the love he has received.

“Thank you everyone for the prayers and all the positivity, make sure they reached Miguel!”, he concluded.

Miguel is the youngest son of the country singer and influencer Paula Vaccari. The couple also have two other children, Pietra, 6, and Cristiano, 3.

Due to his son’s surgery, Cristiano was not present at the duo’s show held in the early hours of Monday (20). On that occasion, Zé Neto took to the stage alone in Taboão da Serra (SP).

Source: CNN Brasil

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