Cristina Kirchner casts doubt on presidential candidacy in 2023

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In her first public appearance, on Thursday (15), after the attack, Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, cast doubt on a possible candidacy for 2023.

In front of a group of priests in the Argentine Senate, she recalled a conversation she had with Pope Francis: “It is true that all political leaders want to be presidents, because they say that all priests want to be popes”.

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“In my case, I’ve been president twice, that is, the biggest ambition a politician has, a politician in Argentina, which is to be president, I’ve had it twice and my partner was also president. It is not these things that seduce me, nor that encourage me. The things that encourage me is to see if we can get out (from the current situation)”, he said.

The information is from the Argentine newspaper Clarin.

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On September 1st, Cristina Kirchner was assassinated at the door of her home in Buenos Aires.

Videos of people who were close to the crowd around the vice president captured the moment when a man points a gun at Cristina’s head and shoots. She reaches to bring her hands to her head, but the weapon misses.

Four suspects involved in the attack on Kirchner were arrested.

See images of the attack on Argentine vice president Cristina Kirchner

Source: CNN Brasil

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