Crowds of enemies, pouring rain and too much shooting: published gameplay Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The day before yesterday, February 3, Game Informer published an exclusive gameplay video for the video game Resident Evil 4 Remake, which is due out on March 24 this year. For twelve minutes, the journalist of the publication demonstrated the features of the gameplay of the project, the graphic component and told a little about the storyline, but in the comments, the audience of fans expresses a rather negative opinion about the upcoming project. Probably, against the backdrop of two previous Capcom projects for this franchise, gamers expected the same level of quality graphics and visual effects, but in reality the game looks quite mediocre.

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For example, at the very beginning of the video, a Game Informer journalist showed a short excerpt from the fifth chapter of a video game in which Leon (the main character) and Ashley (the daughter of the US President, who was kidnapped by some villains) escape from the church through the window. At first, the graphics seem simply terrible due to poor lighting, plastic faces of characters and strange camera angles, but a little later it becomes simply impossible to see anything due to heavy rain – it literally blocks everything and makes it difficult to look in front of you. Perhaps this was the idea of ​​the developers, but the implementation is definitely lame on both legs.

In addition, there will be a classic house defense level next, when the player needs to shoot huge crowds of opponents, which feels very emotional even when watching a video on YouTube, but, again, the audience of fans of the franchise notes that there is too much shooting in the game. Most often, a journalist instead of covert movement, saving ammo and resources, which the fans of the series are used to, simply shoots opponents, having a hundred rounds for a pistol in reserve. Against the backdrop of such an impressive arsenal, the question arises of the need to use a knife, which makes it possible to make spectacular finishing moves of opponents.

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Also in the video published by Game Informer, you can see a variety of enemies, some of which do not inspire fear from the word at all. Only a mutant dog looks impressive, but all other opponents look too ordinary and flat to evoke at least any emotions in a gamer. And, of course, it is worth noting the attractive new generation inventory and the ability to interact with the merchant to obtain the necessary resources and equipment. So far, the game feels more like a remaster than a full-on remake, which is a little disappointing – previous Capcom projects were much more attractive.

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