Crying and Laughing: The Most Used Emojis of 2021

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The most frequently used emoji this year was the face with tears of joy — “crying with laughter” (😂), which represented 5% of emoji use in 2021. He was already the champion in 2019, another year in which the research has been published.

In the top 10, after the “crying with laughter”, follows the heart (❤️), another face laughing (🤣), the positive (👍), the face crying (😭), the hands in prayer (🙏), the kiss with heart (😘), the face surrounded by hearts (🥰 ), the heart eyes (😍) and the smiling face (😊). The ranking goes on until placed 1,549.

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Data were collected by the Unicode Consortium organization, responsible for text and emoji standardization,

According to the organization, there are more than 3,600 different emojis, and those in the top 100 correspond to 82% of the total use. Given this pattern, there has been an attempt to understand why a relatively small group of emojis are used so often.

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One of the observations made in relation to this pattern is that the most used emojis are those that represent concepts that can be used in different situations, unlike the more specific ones, which have only a literal meaning.

One example is the clothing and accessories category of emojis. The crown (👑), which can be used to connote wealth, honor, pride, superiority or other subjective concepts, is the most commonly used, unlike the sneaker emoji (🥿), which only has a literal connotation. This is perhaps why the most popular categories are smiling faces and hand gestures, while the least popular are flags.

About the flags, even the most popular is the one from the USA. But in second place comes Brazil. See in the ranking below:

This explanation also applies to other categories. Among the means of transport, the most popular is the rocket (🚀), which can mean advancement, innovation, progress or major changes. In the category of body parts (which does not include hand gestures), the champion is the flexed biceps (💪), which can indicate strength, overcoming difficulties, vanity or physical exercise. Among flowers, the bouquet (💐) is the most popular emoji, as it can refer to congratulations or celebrations of various types.

From 2019 until now, there have been few changes in the ranking. The emojis that climbed the most positions were the birthday cake (🎂), from 113th to 25th, the balloon (🎈), from 139th to 48th) and the “pleading face” or “puppy eyes” (🥺), from 97th to 14th .

As for the health-related ones, there was an increase in frequency, but only the hot (🥵) and dizzy (🥴) faces managed to enter the top 100. The pandemic, it seems, did not change our way of expression through emojis much.

The chart below shows the variations in relation to 2019. The green arrow, to the left, indicates that the emoji rose in the ranking of the most used; while the red, to the right, indicates that it has fallen.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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