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Crypto.com mistakenly sent a user $10.5 million

Crypto.com mistakenly sent a user .5 million

In May 2021, crypto platform Crypto.com accidentally transferred $10.5 million to a Melbourne woman instead of returning $100. This is reported ticker news.

The erroneous transaction was discovered after more than seven months as a result of an audit at the end of the year.

The platform sued for a refund. During the hearing, a representative of Crypto.com explained the error with the transfer by saying that the employee entered the account number instead of the amount of $100 in the payment field.

However, before the company attempted to return the funds, the recipient, along with her sister, bought a luxurious mansion with a gym and a cinema in the suburbs of Melbourne.

A woman-acquired mansion in Craigieburn. Data: Ticker News.

The judge ruled to sell the property and return the remaining money to the platform.

In January, Crypto.com became the sponsor of the Australian men’s and women’s soccer leagues. The company noted that they were attracted to the deal by the interest of Australian women in digital assets.

In March, it became known that the platform would become the official sponsor of the World Cup in Qatar.

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