Crypto Head: California Is Better Than Other US States To Accept Cryptocurrencies

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Crypto Head, a cryptocurrency site, has presented a ranking of American states in terms of readiness to accept cryptocurrencies. California took the lead with a 5.72 out of 10 points.

Analysts assessed various parameters in each US state, such as the number of ATMs, the number of searches for cryptocurrencies in search engines, and the number of bills to regulate the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. California became the leader, surpassing such states as New Jersey (5.44 points), Texas (5.28 points), Florida (5.03 points) and New York (4.28 points). The state of Alaska turned out to be less ready to accept cryptocurrencies.

California turned out to be the leader in the activity of Internet users – it is in this state that information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain is most often searched for. The state also has the largest number of crypto ATMs, although, in terms of the ratio of such devices per 100,000 people, California is inferior to many other states. In addition, state legislators do not pay attention to the digital assets industry at all – no legislation has been introduced in California in this area.

Note that, according to the analytical company Chainalysis, the United States has become the leader in the adoption of the sphere of decentralized finance (DeFi).

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