Home Finance Crypto lender Matrixport seeks $100 million in funding

Crypto lender Matrixport seeks $100 million in funding

Crypto lender Matrixport seeks 0 million in funding

Matrixport management emphasizes that the company has no problems with financing, and the search for funds is a regular regular activity.

The crypto lender is seeking $100 million in funding. Leading investors have already committed $50 million to the company, but the deal is still pending as Matrixport needs to find those to close the second half of the volume. The company is now valued at $1.5 billion.

“We regularly interact with stakeholders as part of our normal work, among them there are investors who would like to invest in our activities,” – said the company’s head of public relations Ross Gan (Ross Gan).

Thus, the company warns questions about whether any problems have appeared against the backdrop of a crisis in the market. The company is reported to have $5 billion worth of transactions every month and has tens of billions of assets under management. Currently, the company employs about 300 people.

Matrixport assured that the default of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange did not affect the work of the company. It was previously reported that only 79 of the company’s clients suffered losses due to problems with FTX, but soon the crypto lender announced that it strictly separates its products, so problems with some assets will not be transferred to others.

Earlier, the CTO of Ripple said that despite the high-profile collapse of FTX, the cryptocurrency community is unlikely to learn a lesson for itself and probably will not be careful in the future.

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