South Korean cryptocurrency platform Somesing reported that it lost about 730 million of its own SSX tokens worth more than $11.5 million during a hacker attack.

According to Somesing, the attackers withdrew 504 million unallocated SSX tokens, which were planned to be put into circulation by the end of 2025, as well as more than 226 million SSX tokens owned by the Somesing Foundation, which were already part of the current circulation.

“The security breach incident and asset theft are not linked to any member of the Somesing team. Given the penetration methods used, the attack was carried out by professional hackers specializing in virtual assets,” Somesing noted.

The platform plans to freeze all stolen assets and take legal action against the criminals as soon as their data is identified. According to the notice, major South Korean crypto exchanges including Upbit, Bithumb and Coinone have suspended SSX deposits and withdrawals at Somesing's request.

The platform administration said that it is working with the National Police Department to identify the criminals, and will also notify Interpol about the event.

Earlier, analysts of the Immunefi platform reported that in 2023, members of the cryptocurrency community lost more than $1.8 billion due to various options for theft of digital assets.