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Crypto scammers on TikTok are enriching themselves at the expense of Elon Musk

Another wave of fraudulent distribution of cryptocurrencies on behalf of Elon Musk has begun on the TikTok social network. This is reported by Bleeping Computer.

According to the publication, videos are published hourly. In them, Musk allegedly gives interviews to major publications and offers to go to a certain site where the distribution is taking place.

Attackers have created hundreds of such pages, in particular posing as crypto exchanges.

Most videos use very similar website domains: bitoxies.com, Moonexio.com, altgetxio.com, cratopex.com.

The publication’s journalists checked one of the distributions: they created an account on the platform and entered the promotional code indicated in the TikTok video. After that, they were promised that bitcoins would be credited to their account.

The screenshot below shows that 0.34 BTC (~$9000) allegedly appeared on the wallet. However, when trying to withdraw them, the user was first required to activate the account by depositing 0.005 BTC (about $132).

Some sites additionally request information KYCon the basis of which cybercriminals can hack other legitimate accounts.

On September 10, unknown persons gained control of Vitalik Buterin’s X-account and posted a scam post with phishing. The estimated amount of damage exceeded $691,000. Buterin himself clarified that the attackers replaced his SIM card.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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