Cryptocurrency sites reported an attack on users through third-party advertising widgets

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Popular cryptocurrency site CoinGecko and Etherscan reported that users are complaining about a phishing attack. It turned out that the attack occurs through a third-party advertising script.

On the social network Twitter CoinGecko and Etherscan reported that site visitors are being asked to connect their wallet to a site called “”. Both services warned that this was a phishing attack and a scam, and urged users not to connect their wallets to this site under any circumstances.

It later turned out that the phishing attack was carried out through the Coinzilla advertising network, which specializes in cryptocurrencies. Information site CoinGecko emphasizedthat ad network integration has been disabled:

“We have disabled the Coinzilla advertising script, but it may still work for users for some time due to caching delays in CDN networks. We will continue to monitor the situation. Always be on your guard and do not connect your Metamask wallet on our website.”

In early May, blockchain security company Malwarebytes Labs reported that with the rise of NFTs, scammers are increasingly using the free distribution of non-fungible tokens to extract seed phrases from users’ wallets.

Source: Bits

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