A software researcher from central Europe, under the pseudonym Albacore, reported that he found code in the Microsoft Edge browser code for integrating a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet.

The screenshots provided by the researcher show the user interface of a cryptocurrency wallet, a decentralized application store, and a news feed service. The wallet interface shows the functions of buying cryptocurrencies through the Coinbase exchange and the MoonPay service. Albacore noted that all the functionality is already built into the latest versions of the Microsoft Edge browser, but so far the cryptocurrency wallet is hidden from users.

The researcher emphasized that Microsoft developers often test various functions, but this code does not always get into release versions:

“The Edge browser team is constantly adding a wide variety of features and is looking at their adoption. It can be said that they throw the child into the water and see if it comes up. The list of various features they added but ended up removing is quite long.”

At the same time, Albacore wrote that all the functionality of the cryptocurrency wallet is fully functional. That is, Microsoft developers are already ready to launch full-fledged support for cryptocurrencies in their browser. The researcher believes that developers are going to add functionality to Edge similar to the Web3-oriented Brave browser.

“I think they’re evaluating whether users will want features similar to the Brave browser,” Albacore concluded.

Microsoft has not confirmed the availability of cryptocurrency wallet functionality in the Edge browser. The representative of the company stressed that the developers are constantly testing new features and functions.

Recall that Opera remains one of the most popular browsers with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. At the end of last year, developers added the ability to issue NFTs directly in the browser.