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Cryptohunters Help Wife Find Husband’s Secret Bitcoins

On CNBC came out interesting interview with a housewife from the USA. She told her interesting story of a crypto-hunt for her ex-husband.

The couple lived in marriage for 10 years, but decided to divorce. The man earned $ 3 million a year, but by the time of the divorce it turned out that the jointly acquired property was much less. So the woman hired an accountant to check his accounts.

It turned out that the rogue hid 12 bitcoins, which he declared earlier.

“I didn’t even think about it. We have never discussed investing in bitcoin or invested together. It was definitely a shock.”

As a result, the woman sued part of her boyfriend’s bitcoin reserves.

The lawyer noted that tracking the cryptocurrency is easier than a regular cache. After all, blockchain technology saves all transactions and does not allow intervention to delete or change records.

In other words, if the husband just buried dollars in the garden, then there would be more chances to save money. Provided that this money is not in the declaration.

Cryptohunters – a new profession

The hunt for hidden crypto during a divorce has given rise to a new category of forensic investigators – the so-called cryptohunters. They also gave an interview to CNBC.

Advocates say that tracking digital money is easier for those who are not very tech-savvy. For example, who keeps their stocks on a centralized exchange.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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