Cuba: 16 firefighters dead from fire at oil facilities – Unable to identify them

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Immersed in mourning is Cuba as the fire that broke out in early August at a fuel storage facility in the west claimed the lives of 16 firefighters, 14 of which are impossible to identifyas reported by a medical examiner

Two firefighters died in the fire, while 14 others were reported missing. Yesterday (17/8) the president of the Cuban Forensic Society, Jorge Gonzalez Perez, confirmed that the missing persons died at the scene of the disaster.

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“Given that the remains found had been exposed to very high temperatures for a long time, it is not possible to extract genetic material“, explained Peres during a press conference.

Φωτιά στην ΚούβαΦωτιά στην ΚούβαFire in Cuba
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The funerals of the fallen will be held tomorrow Friday, announced the presidency of Cuba, which declared two days of national mourning.

THE fire, which was caused by lightning, occurred on August 5 at a fuel storage facility in Matanzas, 100 kilometers east of Havana. Four huge tanks, out of the eight that the facilities had, which contained up to 52 million liters of crude oil or fuel oil, were burnt, APE-MPE reports, citing AFP.

Source: News Beast

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