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Culture and entertainment sector registers 8.8% increase in vacancies in 2021

The culture and entertainment sector generated 268,000 new jobs in 2021, 8.8% more than in 2020, according to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Event Promoters (Abrape).

Vacancies are distributed across 52 areas of the production chain, such as accommodation, tourist operations, gastronomy, cleaning and security facilities.

“This proves the importance of protecting our sector, as we have defended throughout the pandemic. We can impact the generation of jobs quickly, moving the economy, which the country needs at the moment”, says Doreni Caramori Júnior, president of the association.

The culture and entertainment sector in the country encompasses 6.2 million people, including employers, employees and individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs), who generate BRL 62.4 billion in payroll and BRL 41.9 billion in federal taxes.

The revenue of this market is R$ 334.2 billion, or 4.52% of the country’s GDP, points out Abrape.

However, data for 2021 shows that there was a net loss of 185,596 jobs compared to the pre-pandemic period. In 2019, the survey pointed to the generation of 3,506,431 jobs, in 2020, 3,052,826, and in 2021, 3,320,835.

“We are still in the recovery process, but optimistic. We have the support of the Emergency Resumption Program for the Events Sector (Perse), which has been essential for the survival of companies in this resumption of activities”, highlights Doreni.

Perse is a program that allows legal entities that carry out economic activities linked to the events sector to pay the debts registered in active debt of the Union with benefits — such as discounts, reduced entry and differentiated terms —, according to their payment capacity.

Source: CNN Brasil

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