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Curitiba restaurant serves oysters from different origins in Brazil

Curitiba restaurant serves oysters from different origins in Brazil

the chef Claudia Krauspenhar who has always been passionate about oysters, decided to take Restaurant a unique experience in Curitiba: the Oyster Bar which takes place once a month, normally on the last Saturday of the month.

During the event, it is possible to taste between 4 and 5 varieties of oysters, which the chef insists on picking up in person, so that the diner can perceive their differences, and thus choose their favorites.

Each species of oyster has its own characteristics, and the environment in which they live also imparts nuances of flavor. As the chef herself says, a person who didn’t like the clam when trying it for the first time may like an oyster of another species or another origin.

Customers can choose between fresh oysters (R$55 to R$75 for twelve units); Oyster Cultivation SC; Native Oyster SC; Native Oyster Guaratuba PR; Oyster Mangue Vila Medeiros PR; and Ostra Cananéia SP.

Native oysters have a more rounded shape, more robust shell and smaller flesh. It concentrates more flavor and is more suitable for fresh consumption. The Native Oyster from Ribeirão da Ilha, in SC, was elected my favorite.

The SC farmed oyster has the most wavy and elongated shell. Its meat is usually larger and, therefore, it is great to be served on the grill, gratin or steamed.

Those from Vila Medeiros, on the northern coast of Paraná, and those from Cananéia, in São Paulo, have similar characteristics, as both are cultivated in mangroves, which makes them darker and gives them a metallic taste.

Not sure which oyster to choose? No problem – you can order a tasting of all types available, for R$ 39.

Although oyster lovers usually prefer the product in natura, there is no shortage of other delicious preparation options, such as Oyster Gratin with Horseradish Cream (R$ 69 – a dozen), Gratin with Herb Butter (R$ 69 – a dozen), Oyster Empanada with Wasabi Aiöli (R$ 65 – a dozen) and Oyster Bafo with Vinaigrette (R$ 65 – a dozen).

The grills also serve dishes such as Moules et Frites (R$59), Shrimp on the Grill with Vegetables (R$67), Octopus on the Grill with Baby Potatoes, Paprika and Aiöli (R$89) and the Sea Special K .sa (R$189), which includes pink shrimp, octopus, squid, clams and scallops.

Outside the grills, the options range from the Moura Pork Sausage made at with Vinaigrette and Farofa (R$47), the creamy Crab Croquette with Clove Lemon Cream (R$49) and the absolutely unmissable Spaghetti Alle Vôngole (R$ 65), which competed with the oysters for my favorite spot of the day.

For the little ants on duty, there are moderate desserts, such as the brigadeiro (R$5), and other unmeasured ones, such as the crème brûlée with dulce de leche and tonka bean (R$39) and the Belgian chocolate semifredo (R$39).

And, as nothing goes better with oysters than champagne, customers arriving at the event are welcomed with a glass of the iconic Moët & Chandon. On the day of the Oyster Bar, the bottle of Moët & Chandon, which appears in the wine list for R$560, sells for R$480.

Haven’t all this convinced you to go and visit the Oyster Bar at Restaurante? So go for the delicious atmosphere and amazing weather. The event takes place on the terrace of the restaurant, which has a glass cover for rainy days, and charming vines framing the ceiling. There’s live music playing all afternoon and we didn’t even notice the night was coming.

As chef Claudia Krauspenhar likes to say: “The Oyster Bar has a starting time, but no ending time”.

Rua Fernando Simas, 260 – Batel, Curitiba – PR / Phone: (41) 3225 3444 / Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm to 11pm and on the last Saturday of the month from 12pm for the Oyster Bar. Reservations by phone only.

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