Cuteness! Little boy saves puppies on the street and asks for help to take care of them

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The world is full of heroes without capes and to prove it is the story shared by the Twitter user @Jenniferwho shared how Carlitos, a minor, saved three puppies from being run over in the street.

Although Carlitos managed to rescue the puppies from the dangers of the street, he cannot take care of them for a long time, so he asks for help on social networks to find them a decent and loving home.

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Carlitos comes from a very humble family, he lives with his mother and his four brothers. Money doesn’t usually go a long way at home and food is occasionally scarce, which is why he can’t take care of the three puppies.

But far from giving up and returning the puppies to the street, Carlitos and @Jennifer have looked for people who are interested in adopting the furry ones. Fortunately, his story has gone viral, receiving comments of support and appreciation for his actions.

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Little boy saves street puppies and now looks for a new home for them

But this is not all, Carlitos also received various requests from those who were interested in adopting the puppies. So far, two of the three cubs already have a permanent home where they can spend their days, so it is hoped that the third cub will receive the same opportunity as his siblings.

Stories like Carlitos’s give us back our faith in humanity knowing that there are still people with good hearts, capable of giving a little of themselves without expecting anything in return.

Source: Okchicas

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