Cutting expenses could free up amount for Brazil Aid, says economist

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In an interview with CNN, the senior economist of the IFI (Independent Fiscal Institution in the Federal Senate) Alexandre Andrade said that the government would have the cost cut as a solution to pay R$ 400 of Auxílio Brasil, a social program, successor to Bolsa Família.

Currently, the main bet of the government to reach this number is the PEC dos Precatórios. The Chamber of Deputies can vote on the second round of the proposal this Tuesday (9).

“According to the IFI’s accounts, the amount needed to expand Bolsa Família, granting beneficiaries a monthly amount of R$400, would be around R$47 billion. This would represent the current budget of Bolsa Família, which is around R$ 34, R$ 35 billion, plus R$ 12, R$ 13 billion”, said Andrade.

“This additional amount, of R$ 13 billion, could be achieved by cutting other expenses in the budget. It would not be necessary to postpone the payment of some court orders, limiting this expense, or even promoting some holes in the spending ceiling.”

The PEC had its base text approved in the first round at dawn on Thursday (4), by 312 votes to 144. The proposal needs the support of 308 deputies in two rounds of voting, so now it will be voted a second time by the parliamentarians on Tuesday.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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