Cyclone Aida: 26 killed in Louisiana death toll

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The report of the victims of his blow Cyclone Aida In Louisiana, the death toll rose to 26 on Wednesday as state Department of Health officials said an additional 11 people had been killed in New Orleans, including eight men and three women.

Aida, one of the strongest cyclones to hit the US coast of the Gulf of Mexico, struck Louisiana more than a week ago before continuing its devastating course in the northeastern United States, causing widespread flooding that killed dozens of people. to lose their lives.

The cyclone also caused massive power outages, with more than a million people living in darkness in Louisiana. As of late last night, more than 270,000 people in the state were experiencing power outages, according to

US President Joe Biden, who toured the northeastern part of the country on Tuesday, said Cyclone Aida showed how dangerous climate change was as it pushed for investment to improve infrastructure and prevent overheating. planet.

Mr Biden said wildfires, cyclones, hurricanes and floods were affecting almost the entire United States, with more than 100 million Americans affected this summer alone. Extreme weather, he warned, is going to get worse.

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