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Cyclone in RS: learn how to make donations to affected families

The government of Rio Grande do Sul is collecting donations for families affected by the extratropical cyclone that formed in the state this week. According to a balance sheet released by the Civil Defense, the number of deaths up to 4 pm on Tuesday (5) reached 21.

The Civil Defense asks for donations of cleaning kits, basic food baskets and warm clothes for the victims. The government estimates that the number of people affected across the state exceeds 25,000. At least 62 municipalities registered occurrences related to heavy rains.

State government helicopters and vessels are working to help residents of the affected cities. The Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the Brazilian Army also provided aircraft and vessels for rescue actions.

What to donate:

  • food baskets
  • Hygiene and cleaning kits
  • Warm clothes and bedding

Where to donate:

  • Piratini Palace
  • Fernando Ferrari Administrative Center (CAFF)
  • Headquarters of the Military Brigade and the Military Fire Brigade
  • city ​​halls
  • All Banrisul branches in RS
  • Secretary of Social Assistance of the State
  • State Attorney General
  • Zaffari/Bourbon chain supermarkets
  • Secretary of Public Security
  • Sesc Units
  • Secretary of State for Sport and Leisure
  • Autonomous Roads Department (Daer)
  • blue cross
  • see health

Source: CNN Brasil

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