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Cyclone in RS: videos show houses swept away, bridge collapse and power plant on alert

The passage of an extratropical cyclone through the southern region of the country caused five deaths, caused flooding, knocked down trees, roofed 309 houses and left hundreds homeless in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Four deaths were registered in Rio Grande do Sul: two in Ibiraiaras, one in Mato Castelhano and one in Passo Fundo. There is also information that a gentleman disappeared carried away by the waters in Estrela, but the Rio Grande do Sul Civil Defense still does not have confirmation of the death.

The Military Fire Department of Santa Catarina (CBMSC) confirmed, this Tuesday (5), another victim in the Santa Catarina municipality of Jupiá, in the west of the state.

The heavy rains, caused by the system that hit the region, raised the level of the rivers and caused the water to wash away houses, bridges to break and a power plant to go on alert in Rio Grande do Sul. Watch the videos below provided by Rádio Ativa (RS).

  • Flood washes away house in Nova Prata (RS)

In note to CNN the City Hall of Nova Prata reported that the images were recorded in the community of São Belin, there are no reports of injuries and the residents were assisted by the Civil Defense.

  • House dragged in Bento Gonçalves (RS)
  • Bridge over Rio das Antas breaks
  • Ceran dams in Rio das Antas on alert
  • City of Nova Bassano (RS) underwater
  • Flood in Roca Sales (RS)

Numbers in RS

  • 5 kills
  • 1,060 people in public shelters
  • More than 2,700 displaced
  • 247 rescued
  • 18,500 were directly affected
  • 2.5 million were reached indirectly
  • 309 roofless houses

High volume of rainfall

In an interview with CNN Climatempo meteorologist Maria Clara Sassaki said that some cities in Rio Grande do Sul recorded, in just that first week, all the rain expected for the month of September.

“This large amount of rain keeps the alert over the next few days, even if the weather is firmer, because the water still takes time to drain. The rivers end up overflowing, causing new floods, new landslides”, he explained.

Cyclone moves south

The extratropical cyclone that hit the southern region in recent days has moved away, but the passage of the cold front associated with it causes a sharp drop in temperature in the southern region this Tuesday (5), points out Climatempo.

The specialist also said that, with the cyclone’s removal, firm weather returns to predominate in the South and opens up space for polar air to lower temperatures in the region even further. In the border region with Uruguay and in the Gaúcha Campaign, the risk of frost is accentuated.

“Throughout the day, steady weather returns to Rio Grande do Sul and the polar air takes over the southern region of the country. Now we have a risk of frost, with very low temperatures over the next few days in the south of the country”, he reported.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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