Cyclone leaves more than 220 thousand without power in Rio Grande do Sul

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The passage of Cyclone Yakecan through the south of the country causes damage in the region. In Rio Grande do Sul, more than 220 thousand people are without electricity this Wednesday (18), according to information from Rio Grande Energia (RGE). Strong winds and storms caused damage to the power grid, with branches and objects hitting wires and other equipment.

In Santa Catarina, the city of Siderópolis had a wind gust of 105.6 km/h, the strongest observed by meteorological agencies in recent days. The state also recorded the lowest temperature of the year across the country, -2.9ºC, in the city of Bom Jardim da Serra, on Tuesday (17).

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The coast of Rio Grande do Sul had winds of more than 100km/h and heavy rains, which should last until Thursday (19).

There is a possibility of snow in the mountains of RS and SC and other winter precipitations in the plateau of Rio Grande do Sul, in the southern and northern plateaus of SC and in the south.

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On the Southeast coast, the forecast is for strong winds and surf on the beaches of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Classified by the Navy as a subtropical storm, Yakecan advances along the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul and this Wednesday it moves along the coast of Santa Catarina. The system can still cause wind gusts of around 100 km/h.

Clouds loaded with a cold front formed between the extreme south of Bahia and Espírito Santo The cold front advances along the coast of Bahia this Wednesday and increases the conditions for rain in the state.

The very cold air from the strong polar mass that entered Brazil causes a sharp drop in temperature in the southern, southeastern and central-western states of Brazil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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