Cyclone Yas reaches east coast of India Thousands flee to shelters

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In the state of Odisha, to its east IndiaCyclone Yas, the second to hit the country in two weeks, arrived today, according to the Indian Meteorological Agency, with thousands of people having fled their homes and taken refuge.

“The very strong cyclonic storm Yas is located about 50 kilometers southeast of Balasore,” Odisa said, according to the meteorological service on its Twitter page.

Meteorologists are waiting gusts of wind that will reach 185 kilometers per hour, while they have also warned of tidal waves about three meters high which may cause floods, as broadcast by AMPE.

More than 1.2 million people living in coastal areas have fled its homes. Torrential rains are already hitting coastal towns and villages foretelling the arrival of the cyclone.

A tornado killed two people in an electric shock in the Hugli area of ​​West Bengal.

Closed airports

Authorities in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, have ordered the closure of the city’s international airport for most of the day. Bhubaneswar Airport, the capital of the state of Odisha, was also closed.

“Every life is precious” said Odisa Prime Minister Navin Patnaik, urging citizens not to panic and move away from the coast.

Some 4,800 rescue workers have already been mobilized in the two states, which have been hit hard by the second wave. coronavirus.

“This cyclone adds to the suffering of millions of people in India at a time when covid-19 “It does not allow them to breathe,” said Udaya Regim, an official with the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in South Asia.

In addition, Yas is expected to cause problems in the efforts to deal with covid-19.

“Terrible blow”

“THE cyclone “This is a terrible blow to many people in coastal areas whose families have been affected by infections and deaths due to covid-19,” said West Bengal Sandarbanz Development Minister Banquim Sandra Hazra.

“Nearly half a million people have fled their homes in coastal areas, it is difficult to offer them shelter and at the same time keep their distance,” he said to prevent covid-19.

Some vaccination centers in the coastal areas of West Bengal and Kolkata will suspend their operation.

According to the Prime Minister of the state Marmata Banerzi, authorities are trying to supply hospitals with sufficient oxygen and medicine to meet their needs until the cyclone passes.

Experts agree that the frequency and intensity of storms in the waters around India are increasing due to global warming and rising water temperatures.

Some of the deadliest cyclones in history have formed in the Bay of Bengal, including one in 1970 that killed half a million people in what later became Bangladesh. The deadliest cyclone ever recorded in Odisha was in 1999, which killed 10,000 people.

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