Cyprus: 4th dose of coronavirus vaccine for people over 60 starts today

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Through appointments from the vaccination portal or through the free access vaccination centers (walkin) that operate in all provinces, all over Cyprus, as of today, people over 60 years of age can receive the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine in Cyprus.

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According to the Ministry of Health of Cyprus, the support-4th installment is granted from today:

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– To persons over 60 years of age (presenting identity card or passport and vaccination card).

– Individuals, regardless of age, living or working in nursing homes and closed structures (presenting identity card or passport and vaccination card).

– To health professionals, regardless of age (presenting identity card or passport, vaccination card and license to practice).

– In immunodeficient and immunosuppressed patients, regardless of age, given that the period of five months has passed since receiving the booster-3rd dose.

Immunodeficient and immunosuppressed patients can come to the walk-in vaccination centers by presenting a medical certificate from a specialist (identity card or passport, vaccination card) or they can express an interest in a vaccination appointment by address:

Immunosuppressed patients:

– In active treatment for solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

– With a history of solid organ transplantation receiving immunosuppressive therapy.

– With a history of transplantation of primary hematopoietic organs receiving immunosuppressive therapy.

– People with inherited immune deficiency.

– People with HIV / AIDS.

– Individuals on immunosuppressive therapy including biological agents.

Regarding cortisone intake refers to individuals who have received or are receiving a total dose of 10 mg prednisone per day (= 8 mg methylprednisolone) for one month in the last six months.

– People with renal insufficiency undergoing dialysis or peritoneal dialysis.


Source: Capital

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