Cyprus: 60 students were expelled for haircuts – The photo with the… offending look

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Dismissed because of it haircut they have been taken by about 50 to 60 students in just two days at Cyprus. The principal of the school is reported to argue that this particular headdress contributes to the increase in delinquency and thus sends the children home.

For the abortions of students in a Larnaca High School, the president of the Larnaca Parents’ Confederation, Kostas Kostas, spoke in an interview. “They have been suspended for up to two days for a certain haircut that 99.9% of students in Cyprus have. The director believes that the abortions contribute to its reduction delinquency” pointed out.

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As he added, instead of the school welcoming the children with love and kindness, it sent them home for two days. “If you see the students’ haircuts you will be shocked by the amount of strictness and expulsion,” he said.

The photo with the haircut in question posted by the

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“He’s the same principal who last year didn’t give the diploma to 5 students because he didn’t like their haircuts. Letters have been written and the children have appealed to the Child Protection Commissioner. It is his last year and instead of starting in a more condescending way he chose a relentless chase” revealed the president of the Larnaca Parents’ Confederation

The Ministry of Education according to denies that students were expelled and points out some recommendations were given on appearance and uniform.

Source: News Beast

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