Cyprus: N. Anastasiadis’s last Easter message as PD with special reports on the reunification of Cyprus

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His last Easter message as President of the Republic of Cyprus was sent by PD Nikos Anastasiadis. With extensive references to the Ukrainian issue, but also to the Pandemic, Mr. Anastasiadis expressed his wishes to all Cypriots, while reiterating the need to redress the injustice – as he characterized it – of the separation between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

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The message of N. Anastasiadis:

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“On the occasion of the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord I want to express my warmest wishes to each and every one of you for personal health and family happiness.

At the same time, I want to express from the bottom of my heart the message of the Resurrection to reach our homeland.

What is being documented by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is healing our wounds and making even more urgent the need for us to continue our struggle for the rule of law and peace.


It is with sincere feelings of friendship that I address to our Turkish Cypriot fellow citizens.

Turkish Cypriot compatriots,

This homeland is yours and ours. Blood was shed for this homeland, for this country we suffered, we cried, sometimes together and sometimes separately. The pain was always the same for everyone.

And it is this pain that determines how much people are alike and equal.

How much mutual respect for the rights of everyone is the only foundation for coexistence, co-creation for lasting prosperity and peace.

The catastrophic record of the war in Ukraine shows how fragile peace is when the interests of the powerful violate the principles of international law.

I believe the time has come for our love for our common homeland to allow us to redress the injustice imposed on us by separation.

Only the two communities will benefit, but also all those involved in the Cyprus problem, if, abandoning unattainable goals, we work consciously and honestly to build a state that will not lag behind the principles and values ​​of the other European Union states.

The basis for a solution has been agreed and recorded in dozens of United Nations resolutions.

What is needed is the political will, the genuine political will and the joint effort to establish a state that respects the equality and human rights of every Cypriot European citizen, that responds at the same time to the concerns of both communities. but will also ensure its functionality and complete and absolute independence.

On behalf of the Greek Cypriot side, I once again declare our readiness to work resolutely to achieve lasting peace and lasting prosperity for all.


My extensive reference to the maximum of the problems we are experiencing for the 48th year, was inevitable.

This, however, does not distract me from the other trials that the Cypriot people have faced and are facing.

That is why I would like to send a message of hope and optimism, a message based on the determination of the Government, but especially on your own strength, on the sense of survival that distinguishes us through patriotism, hard work, perseverance and stubbornness that distinguishes him. our people.

And my reference is not accidental, if we consider the crises we have gone through during the life of the Republic of Cyprus and what we had to face four years after independence when there was an attempt to overthrow the state.

In 1974, when the Republic of Cyprus received the biggest blow with the invasion and occupation of one third of its territory and the consequent catastrophic consequences.

Nevertheless, the Republic of Cyprus not only survived but also managed to become a full member of the European Union, remaining the only internationally recognized state.

At the same time it became a pillar of stability and peace, highlighting the geostrategic role it can play in the region.

More recent examples, which add to what characterizes our people, was the effective and successful response to the risk of state bankruptcy in 2013.

We managed not only to reverse the negative effects, but also to get out of the memorandum by achieving growth indicators that were the highest in the Eurozone.

In 2020 we faced another test.

The pandemic crisis, with unprecedented consequences for health, the economy and society.

Again, as a result of targeted government measures, whether they concerned the health sector or the economy, but especially thanks to the superhuman efforts of the front-line heroes, as they have rightly been described, the advice of the scientific team, but also the discipline and The patience we have shown as a people, we are on the way out of this crisis.

Today, unfortunately, as a result of the war in Ukraine, we are facing new challenges, with economic and social implications worldwide.

Of course, what matters is the end of the bloodshed and the catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian people.

At the same time, however, not ignoring the fact that the consequences of the war will inevitably affect our country, we are determined in cooperation with the political forces and the social partners, to take those measures that will contribute to the mitigation, but also the final treatment of it. new unforeseen crisis.


The message is not offered for an account of the government project.

However, in the last months of my presidency, I consider it absolutely necessary to address the political forces and call on them to join forces.

Our goal is to make the disbursement and utilization of the billions of euros that will result as a result of the provisions of the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability.

Billions that based on the program “Cyprus – Tomorrow”, will contribute to the further modernization of the country, with mature projects, policies and reforms that the country needs so much, but also the citizens.

Works and policies that do not have ideological orientations or party color.


The experiences of recent years have confirmed the great potential we have as a country.

I have no doubt that we will succeed again.

That is why, in closing, I would like to repeat the message of optimism and wish peace to the world and to our country. ”

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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