Cyprus: Tatars sent the MOEs by mail

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President Anastasiadis sent a letter to the Turkish Cypriot leader on May 19th, in which he included his proposal with Confidence Building Measures, according to As there was no other way to present his proposal, President Anastasiadis made sure to send a letter to Ersin Tatar. The answer, however, did not come on the substance, what followed were actions in the closed area of ​​Varosia. This action is denounced by the PTA in its letters to EU leaders, attaching its proposal to Tatar.

The sending of Anastasiadis’s letter to Tatar was revealed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis, during his statements to RIK. In the letter to Tatar sent through the head of UNFICYP Colin Stewart, it is clarified that the package of MOE is not take it or leave it (take it or leave it), but it can be discussed, said Ioannis Kasoulidis. He explained that this is the same package that was put to Antonio Guterres before the talks in Geneva and was not discussed.

Regarding the conciliation petitions, the Foreign Minister referred, among other things, to commitments of autonomy of the constituent states vis-.-Vis the federal state. In his morning reports, I. Kasoulidis said that the goal is to pave the way for us to reach a discussion on the Cyprus issue based on the UN resolutions and the Anastasiadis-Eroglou agreement of 2014, said the Foreign Minister.

Speaking on the sidelines of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly conference in Nicosia, and when asked about a letter with the proposed UNHCR sent to the Turkish Cypriot leader, as well as to the United Nations, Mr. Kasoulides said that “the The letter contained various issues as an indication of our goodwill “more indicating what is the common good for Cyprus.

Asked about the prospects of the proposals submitted, the Foreign Minister said that “we propose both on the Cyprus issue and on the MOE and the Turkish side so far rejects”. He noted, however, that so far he has not heard any rejection from the MOE.

“We do not have a rejection yet. I do not anticipate that we will not, but I believe that because it is a unique opportunity that will offer the T / C community and economic progress and prosperity, we believe that this proposal should not be rejected because such opportunities will not they are always offered “, the minister underlined.


Source: Capital

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