Cyprus: The fire in Pera Pedi, Limassol, is under full control

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It came under full control at noon on Friday (9/7) the fire that broke out in the morning in the community of Pera Pedi, in the province of Limassol.

The fire burned an area with forest vegetation.

According to the Forest Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, 80 people from the Forest Department attempted to extinguish the fire, with 20 fire trucks, 15 people from the Fire Department with 5 fire trucks, 4 people from the Thera Service and with 2 fire trucks, as well as members of the Civil Defense, the Police, the National Guard of the Limassol District Administration and the Community Councils. Also, 4 land promoters and 4 tankers were employed.

According to the Athenian News Agency, the “Icarus 2” Plan, which concerns the operations of the aircraft, is also being implemented. They operated a total of 9 aircraft including 2 helicopters from the British bases.

According to the same information, strong forest firefighting forces remain in the area to deal with possible resurgences.

The causes of the fire are being investigated.

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