Cyprus: Thirteen high school students report their teacher for sexual harassment during class

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The allegations against him are shocking high school teacher of the province Limassol in Cyprus, underage schoolgirls. The teacher is in custody for a period of eight days after a closed-door trial that took place the day before Monday (14/11) before the Limassol District Court. Offenses are being investigated against him sexual harassment minors female students of.

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The case has been put under the microscope of the experienced investigators of the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Unit of the Police Headquarters, with the investigation being done with great care and discretion due to the age of the victims, but also the nature of the offences.

As it states filenews.comso far 13 complaints from underage students are in the hands of a special unit, while the number is expected to increase. The statements from the students are videotaped, in the presence of their parents and officials of relevant ministries.

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The first complaint, according to the same information, was made last Saturday by a student, who initially confided in a specific person about what was happening in the classroom and during the lesson. Then other complaints followed from female students of the same department. Yes, until the afternoon of Tuesday (15/11) the number of complaints stood at 13while it is not excluded that it will increase as it is open to the possibility that they arise from other departments as well.

In their complaints the students report incidents during the lesson, mainly with touching. For the case, dozens of statements are expected to be received from the family and professional environment of the teacher, who for the time being has not been made available.

“The teacher has not been suspended”

Also according to “Liberal»the teacher has not been suspended, while decisions will be made as soon as the police investigation is completed, said today Wednesday (16/11) the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN), Prodromos Prodromou, on the sidelines of his meeting with the President of Educational Service Committee, Panagiotis Antoniou, at the Ministry of Education.

Responding to a journalist’s question, the Minister of State spoke of “very disturbing and sad” phenomena, adding that the Police is dealing with the issue. “Once the Police come to a conclusion, the Ministry of Education – if it is required of course – suspends the accused teacher until the case is processed and we have the results”explained.

Mr. Prodromou clarified that the teacher has not been suspended, pending the completion of the procedure by the Police. “As soon as we have the conclusion from the Police”, he pointed out, “the request is submitted to EEY, which will put it on hold as long as there is an investigation of the complaint by the Police”.

Source: News Beast

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