Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange FixFloat was the victim of a re-exploit that resulted in approximately $2.8 million being withdrawn from its hot wallet.

CyversAlerts analysts reported that approximately half a day ago, unknown attackers transferred $2.8 million from the FixFloat wallet on the Ethereum blockchain to an unknown address. This suspicious account then received additional funds in ETH, USDT, WET, DAI and USDC.

To avoid asset freezes by issuers, USDT and USDC stablecoins were quickly converted into ether through the services of several decentralized exchanges. After which all assets were sent to the eXch exchange. Now the attackers’ wallet has been reset, and the FixFloat exchange website has been put into maintenance mode.

This incident is not the first security breach that FixFloat has encountered. In February, the platform's system access controls were hacked, causing approximately $26 million in damages to the exchange.