D. Avramopoulos: Europe has returned to the harsh policy of closed borders

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“Europe has returned to the old harsh policy of closed borders, starting with the economic crisis and then the refugee and health crisis, where most countries have made it a priority to protect their own citizens,” he said in an interview. Former EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos in the First Program of Hellenic Radio. As he explained, “in this way he stays on the edge on which Europe was founded after World War II: the practical application of the two basic principles, solidarity and responsibility. Unfortunately, we are seeing a setback. We are also seeing it in denial.” “many European citizens to be vaccinated, to comply with the measures,” he added.

Referring to the response to the pandemic, D. Avramopoulos noted that the health systems of Northern Europe were more resilient, while those of the South were kneeling under restrictive measures and fiscal adjustment with many cuts in the public health system, resulting in the outbreak of the pandemic. to prove weaker. However, he added that while Europe was generally slow to react to the pandemic, Greece moved faster than most countries. He also noted that the WHO was 3 months late in declaring a pandemic.

“Europe has not yet moved forward, completing unified policies, and this can be seen in the field of foreign policy and defense, which has lagged behind,” said D. Avramopoulos, commenting, however, that the correlations are beginning to change and new ones are being formed. spheres of influence with some large European countries wanting to participate. He stressed that “the Greek-French defense agreement has another significance for Europe, as for the first time it can play a role in the Mediterranean, where its presence is weak. But the Mediterranean is evolving into a new landscape of competition between China, The United States is withdrawing, leaving behind Europe, which is not present with a single European policy, and Greece can play a very important role at this time, provided it gradually gets rid of the Mr. Mitsotakis is also moving in the right direction in his relations with its neighbors, but also giving another dimension to the country’s foreign policy, which is why Greece, which will always have the protection of Europe, and this is a guarantee that nullifies any notion of threat to the country. views that Greece is under threat. Because when you are threatened you are afraid and when you are afraid you are defeated “.

Finally, regarding the internal party of KINAL, D. Avramopoulos estimated that he can redeploy his forces and added that “the day will not be late when he will again give a strong presence in the Greek Parliament, contributing to the qualitative upgrade of democracy”.



Source From: Capital

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