D. Avramopoulos: The Mitsotaki-Biden meeting is important

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The forthcoming meeting of Kyriakos Mitsotakis – Joe Biden at the White House on May 16, will be “important”, “will bring results”, and “shows how the superpower perceives the role of Greece in the region”, as “lately Greece has deepened its strategic relations with the USA “, stressed the former EU Commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, speaking on the First Program 91.6 and 105.8 and on the show” With these and with those “with Fotis Papoulias.

As he said, it will be “an opportunity for the Greek Prime Minister to report on the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, to raise the issues on which he has his own vital interests and at the same time to talk on behalf of the Euro-Atlantic system”, adding that “no we can understand why our national confidence is shaken.We have one of the best defense systems, we have the ability to play a role in the region without phobic syndromes and references to third parties, it is enough to gradually get rid of outdated foreign policy stereotypes that have often held us back “Greece is a geopolitical factor of stability.”

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Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, he stressed that we should not “move away from our basic position that we can discuss the maritime zones and only for them and nothing more, and not forget the Cyprus issue”. Regarding the role of Turkey in the background of the Russian war in Ukraine, he said that “in Greece every time, whatever happens, we look at what Turkey is doing. We must look at what we can do, without giving up our geopolitics advantages “. “Turkey has strengthened its position, played as usual in its diplomatic game and everyone counts on it. In the Eastern Mediterranean, in the eyes of the United States and Europe, Turkey and Israel are more important. “Europeans and the Americans welcomed this role and this was welcomed by both the Europeans and the Americans”, he added and asked “this should not be interpreted as being done to the detriment of Greece as some say very easily”. “Greece has a role to play and Mr Mitsotakis was right to meet recently with Mr Erdogan in the context of the European Security Strategy. The two NATO member states could play a stabilizing role together to avoid the crisis in our region will escalate “, he added.

“It will be too late to solve the problem in Ukraine”

Asked about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the former minister said that international diplomacy has not lost the game, but “certainly has not proved effective mainly in the field of multilateral diplomacy. And this is because he was surprised by what happened in Ukraine where a misreading “.” Another Russia, and another Putin’s Russia, which did not aim at Ukraine, which is a powerful pretext, and in time the messages were sent to the Euro-Atlantic system. The target is mainly the West, which at the moment Putin is trying to bring her to her knees. Of course, his plans in Ukraine did not work out, he moved away from the original plan, which he thought would end on March 8. My assessment is that it will be too late to solve this big problem. “The whole world has entered a dangerous and unpredictable trajectory that we do not know where it will lead us,” he said.

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For the UN he said that he intervened very slowly and “more with wishes, because he has no power to intervene”. “On the other hand, NATO has become much stronger than before, which largely explains why geopolitically weakened Europe, which is now divided in the face of this great challenge. So what has been built after B “World War I and after the end of the Cold War are supposed to not work today. The security architecture is in danger of collapsing,” he said.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. which feels the snout of NATO in its “neck” “.

Regarding the EU, the former Community Commissioner said that it has become a global economic power, but not a global geopolitical power, because it did not advance the plan of political integration with a common foreign and defense policy.

Source: Capital

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