D. Koutsoumbas: Only the KKE has a plan to meet the needs of the people

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“There is a way out for the people and it is not on the capitalist path of development, a path permanently open to the profits of a handful of groups, but always closed to the needs of the working class, the people, not the path of capital and its imperialist alliances. where the parties and their governments exchange the anti-popular baton, the way out for the people, where the workers meet the people of the “They will strengthen their own social alliance and will fight, not only to breathe a sigh of relief, to stand up, but to try to overcome obstacles, and to solidify their decision to move forward for their own needs.” Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, in his speech tonight in Heraklion, Crete.

“There, the KKE has all its forces. It submits its own plan, its own political way out which concerns exactly how modern needs will be met,” he said, adding: “Only the KKE has a plan to meet the needs of the people. needs, elaborate, scientific plan, which steps on the productive potential of our country, utilizes its scientific workforce and gives the answer to the crucial question: Yes, the people of this place, can live as they deserve, as evolution defines of science and technology, with him in charge of society and the economy. ”

He referred to the indications that the EU and the Eurozone are already facing a new economic crisis and an increase in the possibility of a serious slowdown in the international economy. He noted that “the optimistic climate that the Greek government is trying to cultivate, with the exit from the regime of enhanced supervision in 2022, and the growth rates, does not come out of nowhere.” He also said that the government, in order to delay any ominous developments in the economy, “is betting, as all governments have done, on the tourism sector”, while recently “they are talking about a tourist miracle”.

He said that “the only ones entitled to talk about a ‘miracle’ are the hoteliers” and added: “Employees and the self-employed, small family businesses in Tourism, pay dearly for the high growth rates and the” tourist miracle “that took place in galleys of large hotel units “.

“The new government’s program has already written how the big groups, especially the Green Growth, will be supported, and through the Recovery Fund, this new memorandum that all parties have supported,” he said. The difference is in which groups these funds will end up, which will be paid again by the employees, the people “.

“The KKE’s proposals for energy efficiency can give breath to the popular households here in Crete that are unable to pay the bills, which are daily threatened with power outages. They can give breath to the self-employed traders and professionals who are accumulating debts on debts but also on bio-struggling farmers “he underlined.

“In the program of the next government, the involvement in the imperialist plans of the USA and NATO has already been written in big letters, plans which all without exception served and are serving” said D. Koutsoumbas, adding that “the occupation of the Greek “Tankers from the Iranian armed forces, which, apparently, are retaliation because the Greek authorities had recently confiscated their own oil cargo, according to US instructions, proves in practice the dangers of involvement in US plans.”

Regarding the escalation of the Turkish aggression, he said that it is “proof that the US-NATO infrastructure, the bases, are not only not a” shield of protection “for our sovereign rights, but on the contrary are a magnet for attacks. days after the vote on the agreement with the US and Mitsotakis’s trip. “How else, without” good co – operation “, will the dangerous compromises proceed for co – operation in the Aegean with the blessings of all of them?”.

“Only these dangerous developments do not close the fronts but open bigger and more dangerous for our people,” he noted.

He said that in the government program of ND, SYRIZA and PASOK “it is written that the common for the bourgeois parties will be realized, strategic goals of the capital which the people pay and will continue to pay with precision, poverty and insecurity” while “when there are difficulties for the bourgeois political system, one is not enough, a second government partner may be needed to get the job done. We have seen the project before and we will see it again” and added: “To those who are waiting to see their party again in the government chair, as is probably the case with the popular people who supported PASOK and SYRIZA in the previous years, we tell them: Do not be fooled by the bullshit! What appears as “new” is part of the old and rotten political system. if it seems to have changed, it is a trap to trap the people, but now we are neither in 2012 nor in 2015. We are 10 years later and we have seen it all. parties are setting traps for the people! Except that some of these gentlemen are not young at all. They have amassed plenty of anti-popular service both as a government and as an opposition, serving the goals of capital. And their hands are not untied, as SYRIZA says. They are tied to the commitments of the Recovery Fund, the so-called green transition, NATO and US plans. So let them know what they know. As PASOK knows, the “old” even though he tries to appear as the “new” of social democracy in Greece “.

“Now what is worth seeing is what roads can be opened by the competitive coexistence with the KKE and the KNE. And the student elections were a hopeful message” said D. Koutsoubas and noted: “So here, there is hope. coexistence with the KKE in the struggles, in the movement, in the elections, in the parliamentary, in the municipal and regional ones “.

“We do not separate any battle. Today we are fighting the battle within the movement, to intensify the struggles for all urgent issues, for the salary, the collective agreement, survival. We try, these struggles to target the governments, the system We seek to pave the way for our own program of workers’ and people’s governance, in which the KKE alone will participate, because this is the program that will write and will not write down the modern needs of the people. “Because in the end only the people can save the people, on the road to overthrow with the KKE”, concluded the Secretary General of the KKE Central Committee.

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Source: Capital

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