D. Manzos: I am trying to understand why the government was celebrating the NATO summit

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The press representative of PASOK-KINAL, Dimitris Manzos, speaking on SKAI TV about the results of the NATO Summit, expressed clear reservations about the satisfaction of the government: “I am trying to understand why the government and the prime minister were celebrating since the day before yesterday”, he also said he emphasized: “In the beginning it was said that there was no mention of the demilitarization of the islands. Yesterday we saw Mr. Erdogan from the press conference repeating the same provocative statements. It was said that there was no opening of the armaments. Finally through the meeting of Mr. Erdoğan with Mr. Biden, the Turkish president even “thank you” and apparently got the assurance that the conversation, the discussion in the US about the F-16s, will be opened again.

Mr. Manzos, referring to the prospect of early elections, stated that PASOK-KINAL is ready with its ballots and proposals. “The prime minister will tell us the date of the elections. We are ready and we will be ready both at the level of personnel and politicians. And our ballots will be ready on time – obviously – but mainly our political proposals. That is where we are aiming, in the battle of self-evident and concrete in every big problem, in every big challenge of the future. That’s how we did in the pandemic, that’s what we’re doing in the energy crisis and the crisis of financial accuracy.”

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Source: Capital

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