D. Manzos: Resignations will not become the government’s decompression valve

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In a radio interview with Real FM, Dimitris Manzos, press representative of PASOK-Movement of Change, pointed out as shameful for the functioning of the Republic the management of the government and the systematic attempt to downgrade the attempt to trap Nikos Androulakis with the Predator system.

“For ten days they have been trying to drive us crazy by saying that all of this is either not true and is a lie, or if it is true, it is normal. Today, the Secretary of the Prime Minister and his close relative and the Commander of the EYP resigned within a few minutes of each other. While we have these the two resounding resignations. What will the Government say? What will the Prime Minister say? What will all the centers that have been trying to drive us crazy for ten days say? We consider the entire management of the Government to be shameful. It is a shame for the Greek Democracy, a case so serious that it affects justice, democracy, the functioning of our state, has been the subject of such a parapolitical and anti-institutional, anti-democratic administration. It is a shame that they want to drive us crazy for ten days and today after these two resign to have this speechlessness and this continuation of disorientation”.

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Commenting on the resignations of the Secretary of the Prime Minister Grigoris Dimitriadis and the Governor of the EYP, he noted: “These resignations are a relief valve. We are not concerned with the methodical and systematic exploitation of the resignations which the Government is sure to do in the next few hours. We we insist on the institutional line that we have drawn from the beginning. The judicial investigation is a priority for us. We should let the Greek judiciary be impartial, independent, uninfluenced to do its work in depth and at height. The investigation must not stop and not we will stop if we don’t get answers to all our questions. It’s not a question of Nikos Androulakis. It’s not a question of PASOK. It’s a question of every citizen. It’s a question of Democracy, a question of transparency. Let the darkness not prevail as much as some want and finally let it fall light again on the political and public life of the place”.

Source: Capital

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