D. Tzanakopoulos: Mr. Mitsotakis’ announcements yesterday are ‘shameful’ for the low-income pensioners

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The secretary of the SYRIZA-PS Central Committee, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, harshly criticized the prime minister, describing yesterday’s announcements by Kyriakos Mitsotakis about the low-income pensioners as “shameful”. “The government, with the choice of Mitsotaki-Vroutsi, cut 900 million permanent expenses from the pensions, makes it a” gift “to individuals who come to enter the field of auxiliary insurance and now comes to give a tip of 250 euros,” he said in an interview. on ANT1.

He noted that “when the SYRIZA government had proceeded with the granting of the 13th pension – an expense of 900 million euros, which concerned an entire pension for those who received up to 600 euros, which was gradually reduced – then Mr. Mitsotakis spoke about” “crumbs” and “tips”. “If I said that then and I came to Parliament today to announce a 250 euro allowance to low-income pensioners of 600 euros, I would be really ashamed,” he commented, adding that “Mr. Mitsotakis should be ashamed of what he said yesterday.”

Regarding the health workers, Mr. Tzanakopoulos said that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health “should first pay the on-call time – which has been unpaid for a year – and then do everything else”. He called it “absolutely fictitious” that a total of 42 billion euros had been given during the pandemic to support the economy, arguing that what the government was saying “included tax and contribution suspensions, which at some point would” pop in the heads “of citizens. , while it includes for the most part -25 to 30 billion euros- guarantees “. On the contrary, he said that “the real expenditure that the ND government has made all this time to support the economy, does not exceed 4 billion euros”. In the same context, he accused Mr. Mitsotakis of using the numbers in a way that “creates impressions”, saying that the prime minister spoke of a 7% increase in disposable income, “comparing it with the same month last year when the country was in lockdown… “. “But society is living in the skin of the results of a savage, cruel class policy of this government,” he said.

Asked about the implementation of sanitary measures when citizens enter churches, he commented that “the government has two measures and two weights in terms of sanitary protocols”. “It is obvious,” he said, “that the ND does not want to upset a part of its electoral audience, taking care of the observance of essential protection measures in the churches as well. That is why it throws the ball to the Church and the Church throws the ball back.” to the government “. He stressed that SYRIZA, for its part, considers that “what applies to all other areas must also apply to the churches. However, the responsibility for the observance and implementation of these measures lies with the government”, which “must to stop washing her hands “.


Source From: Capital

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