D. Tzanakopoulos: We invite the citizens to the great democratic celebration on Sunday

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“On Sunday, May 15, we will be in front of a big popular, democratic celebration, the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance will be stronger than ever and Mr. Mitsotakis will get the message”, stressed the party secretary, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, speaking for tomorrow’s elections of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance for the election of president and Central Committee.

“Political change is coming. Mr. Mitsotakis has entered into a condition of irreversible damage. At the same time SYRIZA is getting stronger and on Sunday this will be understood”, he noted (Kontra) and added: “1,000 polling stations in over 600 polling stations in all over Greece, are ready to welcome the democrats, the progressive citizens, the left and the left, to participate in a great process that will send the message to the government “.

“We call on the citizens to mobilize in this great battle that does not only concern political change, it concerns change in social life, which in the last three years is becoming worse and worse,” said Dimitris Tzanakopoulos. “Our goal is to build a party that will become a government, will formulate conditions for progressive governance, but at the same time will claim, intervene and be socially useful,” he said.

Asked to comment on the processes of other parties that took place in the previous days, he said: “politics is not a one-day communication battle, political intervention is related to the ability to listen and intervene for the benefit of society.”

Responding to criticism about the possibility of participation in the SYRIZA elections, people aged 15 and over, stressed: “15-year-olds and 16-year-olds in 2022, have much more information and much more knowledge to really recognize the interests of the new generation.” “So we should be happy if the new generation wants to participate, to intervene, to have a say in the way in which the political developments in the country are formed, to claim a better tomorrow”, stressed Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.

Asked about the situation in the economy and fiscal capabilities, he said: “at the moment we need to use the existing fiscal space to strengthen society and create conditions for a truly sustainable recovery and reorganization of the Greek economy.” “Right now the government is operating with completely different priorities, using the fiscal space to serve oligarchs, privileged interlocutors, the rich and the very rich,” said the SYRIZA-PS secretary general. “What is needed first and foremost today is to raise the minimum wage, to intervene in the energy sector, to intervene at European level so that we do not relive the extreme austerity policies of the past,” he said.

Specifically in the field of energy, he stressed: “the government is only doing subsidies for the scandal of four producers, instead of abolishing the adjustment clause, disconnecting the price of electricity from gas, suspending the operation of the energy exchange as much as the crisis lasts, to tax the profits “.

Finally, regarding the trip of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the USA and his forthcoming meeting with Joe Biden, he noted: “the policy of the predictable ally is a policy that has already failed”. “Mr. Mitsotakis’ choice to abandon a policy of active and multidimensional foreign policy, all he has created are deadlocks, diplomatic defeats, concessions and huge armaments at a time when society is under suffocating pressure,” concluded Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.

Source: Capital

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