DaBaby’s Net Worth Is Much More Than You Would’ve Guessed


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Best known for his single “Suge”, DaBaby is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising rappers in the industry. Starting his career from releasing mixtapes, DaBaby has definitely come a long way. 

Today, DaBaby is reported to have a total Net Worth of $3 million. Let’s have a look at how he earned his net worth and how his journey has been so far. 

DaBaby began his career by releasing his debut mixtape Non-fiction

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, or better known as DaBaby, is an American singer, rapper and song writer, born on 22nd December 1991. He was born in Cleaveland, Ohio and is the youngest of the three siblings. 

He first 5 years of his childhood in Ohio. At the age of 6, his parents relocated from Ohio to Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up in the streets, DaBaby frequently had run-ins with the law and developed a track record over the years. He was arrested on several occasions for different crimes ranging from driving with a revoked driver’s license to illegal possession of marijuana. 

DaBaby was interested increasing music since a very young age. DaBaby dropped out of University after two years into his study to pursue a full-time career in singing. The upcoming singer revealed that he only went to school as a result of his parents’ plight. 

 He released several mixtapes between the years 2014 and 2018, but his big break came in 2019, when he started being more recognized as a rapper. 

He began his career in 2015, by releasing his debut mixtape under the title Nonfiction. After this, he worked on several other mixtapes including God’s Work mixtape series, Baby Talk mixtape series, Billion Dollar Baby, and Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t. At the beginning of his career, he was known as Baby Jesus rather than DaBaby. However, it was later changed as the stage name “Baby Jesus” will be too controversial, and wouldn’t go with the hip hop theme of his music. 

DaBaby has Net Worth of $3 million 

Though the exact amount of his net worth is not known publicly, but it is estimated to be somewhere around $3 million. It was reported that he was earning around $124,000 before Covid, from songwriting, raping and being involved in other investments. Getting signed under InterScope records boosted his net worth to a great extent. Though it is known that he landed a great deal, there is still not much information present about it publicly. 

How did Dababy earn his net worth? 

 Released on April 7, 2019; Blame It on Baby, earned 124,000 equivalent album units in the U.S, in the week ending around April. Before this, as of October 2019, his album Kirk, sold more than 146,000 equivalent album units. He has also sold thousands of copies through Amazon, with a single album going for $10. Other than this, he also earns a lot from, streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.  

On YouTube, he has gained more than 2.5 billion views, which adds to his income significantly, along with the joint administration he is under. Because of the VEVO tag in his videos, there is also a high ad rate on his videos. It is estimated that he earns around $4,644,000 per year simply from the online streaming of his videos. 

However, it is still not known how much of these earnings actually go to him. Last summer, his song Rockstar, was the top song on Spotify. The big streaming numbers of his songs are alone enough to earn his millions of bucks.  

Last year, he told his fans through Instagram that he had received a billion streams from Spotify alone. Contemplating the profit per stream on Spotify, this would imply that he procured roughly $4 million from Spotify in 2019. 

Suge acquired almost $100,000 in a single week. The song also topped on Apple Music charts winning over Old Town Road for a brief timeframe. Furthermore, he has also earned millions of dollars from performing at concerts. 

He makes a considerable amount of cash with ticket costs for as low as $58, and a normal cost of $113from shows. He likewise also earns hefty amount cash from his totally stunning merchandise line whose theme is updated according to his latest release. His exclusive merchandise is sold at DaBaby Official Store online store. This is also one of his reliable sources of income. 

DaBaby likes to spend his money on Jewelry and branded products 

DaBaby owns his own record label under the name Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. Several artists including 704 Chop, DJ KID, Stunna 4 Vegas and RichDunk have been signed to the label.  

Everyone who is a fan of DaBaby knows that he loves jewelry, and it’s no surprise that he liked to invest in expensive jewelry. This can also from the huge Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment diamond etched chains that he bought for himself and his crew. 

Other than this, he spends most of his money purchasing branded products, such as that of Louis Vuitton products that range between $500 to $5000 a piece.  

What are some popular quotes by DaBaby?

-You can’t cheat the game. You can’t cheat the grind. You get out what you put in at the end of the day.

I am the type where I don’t worry about anything else but how to top what I did yesterday.

-My main goal is to top what I did before.

I’m pretty sure my expectations are higher than the average person’s. It just sets standards. I just had that mindset to never settle. That’s a credit to my pops, too. He used to say ‘the sky’s the limit’ every time we talked.

-I made that a point when I was creating my sound from the beginning, I didn’t want to sound like anybody. Once I kind of found my own sound, I mastered it.

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