Dad defends his son from those who mocked him for wearing painted nails

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The ease with which many people get upset over insignificant things is strange, mainly because one would think that there are more important things than criticizing others on social networks. But we all know how the Internet works, behind a computer we can all feel that we have the absolute truth, because the screen is not going to debate with us.

That is why criticism is the daily bread for content creators and that is why they must learn to handle it, so as not to fall into the meaningless game of critics. This is what happened to Doug Weaver, who, through his account TikTokrecently exposed the bad day that his son had at school after wearing painted nails.

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Dad defends his son from those who criticized him for wearing painted nails

During a telephone interview for Good Morning America, The also art teacher reported that he helped his son Finley to paint his nails, which was not unusual, since it is something that the minor has done since preschool. However, when he returned home, he confided in his family that they had criticized him for doing “girlish” things.

During the weekend my son wanted us to paint his nails, so we did. On Monday he came home from school, telling us that three boys in his class told him that painting their nails was for girls. He told them that there was nothing just for boys or just for girls.


Nothing is just for boys or just for girls, y’all! #masculinity #parenting #dadlife

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From how the content creator tells it in the clip, his son handled the situation with great skill. This is because Weaver has raised him with the freedom to choose what he likes without imposing social gender norms on him. That is why Finley tried to reason with the three children, so that they would see the situation from another angle.

I asked him: ‘What did you think of that?’ (that there was nothing just for boys or girls) and he said that two boys didn’t believe him and the other one did, so that boy told the others that it’s okay to paint your nails even if you’re a boy.


Replying to @eddiekaplan bullies don’t get to make the rules. #bullyingawareness #bullying #bullyingisnotcool #youdoyou #selflove

♬ original sound – dougweaverart

As the video went viral, comments began to appear, and although many were congratulatory, many others criticized the situation, because, according to their expert opinion, for a child to be attracted to colors and want to wear them somewhere on their body is confuse him. But Doug didn’t think about it any further and ended the chopping situation with the following message:

My question is how come they don’t see how silly it is to make those assumptions and get mad because a six year old has color on his fingers? Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

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