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Dad doesn’t have scissors to cut his son’s hair and he does it with a spoon

Over the years and with the help of social networks, haircuts have evolved significantly, since today there are endless techniques with which you can get a good cut, leaving aside the traditional machines and the classic ones. pair of scissors.

In addition, the ideas shared on social networks have encouraged many parents to cut their children’s hair with the help of a tutorial, but just when we thought we had seen everything, like cuts with knives, a man came to captivate us all on the Internet by show how she cut her offspring’s hair with a simple spoon.

photograph of a boy sitting while his father cuts his hair with a spoon

Through a nearly minute-long recording, the resourceful father identified on his TikTok profile as Ari Rover He showed off his skills with a spoon, leaving his followers shocked by making a good cut to his beloved son named Jeremiah.

In the clip, Ari begins by showing the kitchen utensil from top to bottom. She then begins to cut the hair from the top of the boy’s head, going through the sides. Finally, she details each line by gently sliding the spoon.

Cutting her hair with a spoon. I smoothed my son’s hair with a spoon. @jeremiahoo7 Everything fresh.

– Wrote the man in the publication

The unusual method with which this man cut his son’s hair soon gained popularity on the short video platform, where after a few days of sharing he managed to accumulate more than 11 million views and thousands of comments from users amazed by his feat.

image showing a boy sitting smiling after his father cuts his hair

Given the comments of people who said that he would later cut the hair with a plastic spoon, the man shared another video in which he shows that it is possible for him to cut his son’s hair because before cutting he sharpens the kitchen utensil with a steel.

Source: Okchicas

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